Wednesday, 14 March 2007

WAG Decision could be Dredge as usual.

We are waiting for the Welsh Assembly to decide on the critical future of dredging in the Bristol Channel. The decision will come after their local elections in May. A recent letter from them reads as though business as usual will be declared on dredging aggregates. Follow the comments to read the letters.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

"Caution on dredging" call from the National Trust

From a recent South Wales Evening Post Article
The National Trust is calling for caution over the issue of further dredging off the Gower coast.
The Assembly will soon announce its decision on whether further dredging should be permitted.
Ruth Williams, National Trust Wales policy manager, called on the assembly not to let the dredging go ahead.
She said "We urge the Assembly to exercise caution here and look after the beautiful Gower coast, not only for the million or more people who visit Gower every year and the businesses that depend on them, but also for the sake of the outstanding landscape, wildlife and archaeology of the area."
"The Assembly should have faith in its stated policy to move dredging offshore into the deeper waters of the Bristol Channel."
"The National Trust looks after 26 miles of the coastline of Gower and we want to ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations." She added.

Anyone know what these are on Oxwich Beach?

Photographed yesterday 07/03/2007 at Spring tide low water. These look like supports for a pier or platform maybe used for the historical unloading of coal at Oxwich. Do you know anyone with knowledge as to their purpose? Also photographed are possible random tree stumps and increases in exposed rock areas. Link to larger image.