Thursday, 21 June 2007

Gower Beaches - Stop the dredging.

As we wait for the Welsh Assembly decision on continuing and possibly increasing aggregate dredging of the Helwick sand bank, evidence is still flooding in on the damage already caused. Left is a picture of Caswell Bay from the East side. The family are helping their child across dangerous rocks, this was thick sand 20 years ago. I know as I used to run across sand between the two big rocks in the foreground onto more sand.

All these pictures are the tip of a huge issue developing on Gower and other beaches.

Claire is highly concerned about Horton and Port Eynon with extremely good reason. The picture of Horton Left has been used on the right hand sand of this web blog to help illustrate the devastation that has been caused by dredging the Helwick and other inshore sand banks over the past years. Check out Claire's other shots from April 2007 here.

We must urge the WAG to take immediate action to halt inshore dredging. The evidence is piling in from witnesses of the mass destruction of one of Wales last natural resources.