Monday, 19 January 2009

Fight is on to stop more dredging in Gower

News - January 15, 2009 reports that campaigners aiming to protect beaches in the Gower area of South Wales are vowing to step up their fight against a building firm's sand dredging plan.

According to the report, Llanelli Sand Dredging is still hoping to get permission from the Assembly to dredge material off the coast of Swansea Bay.

However, concerned residents and local groups, who insist the process damages the region's beaches, said they were gearing up for the release of key data on the environment.

The report said their cause has won the backing of Tory AM Alun Cairns, who is calling on more people in South West Wales to get on board with the campaign.

He said: "I remember a meeting when some researchers claimed the levels of sand on Gower beaches was increasing. If such claims are repeated, we need to be in a position to reject them immediately. If we aren't going to scrutinise the data collected, then who is?"

Llanelli Sand Dredging currently collects sand from Nobel Banks, out in the Bristol Channel, but wants permission to take sand from the much larger Helwick Bank.

It has a temporary licence to dredge until August, but is not allowed to start work until data on sand levels is released. A date has yet to be confirmed.

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